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Environmental Graphic Design

Environmental design is a multidisciplinary field of design that connects the people to places and explains a story through various elements like colors, patterns, typography, materials, and so on. It occupies a lot of professional disciplines, including lighting, art, landscape, interior, architecture, and industrial design. In other words, we can define it as Experimental Graphic Design as well. As a result, it requires multi-skills to be experts and designers generally work in studios where they access equipment like computers, software and drafting tables. On the other hand, it turns into opportunity to display memorable components of you brand that make you an industry stand out.

As an environment graphic designer, you must have below skills:

• Strong Visual Sense

• Communications Skills

• Signage Printing

• Office Branding

• Exhibition and Exhibit Design

• Blueprints and

Digital Files Examples of Some Great Environmental Designs:

1. Signage

2. Wall murals

3. Museum exhibitions

4. Office branding

5. Public transportation navigation

6. Retail store interiors

7. Stadium branding

8. Event and conference spaces

Our Process

  • Step 1
    Create Brief

    It will be as simple as occidental in fact it will be Occidental Cambridge friend

  • Step 2
    Design Research

    Everyone realizes why a new common language one could refuse translators.

  • Step 3
    Brainstrom ideas

    If several languages coalesce the grammar of the resulting simple and regular

  • Step 4

    Languages only differ in their pronunciation and their most common words.

  • Step 5
    Final Product

    Languages only differ in their pronunciation and their most common words.

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